5 oils you simply MUST use this summer

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

'Tis the season to get glowing, and the perfect product that will infuse your skin and hair with a healthy radiance is oil. Oils effectively nurture, nourish and protect the skin from external damage, all while imparting a shimmer to rival even the brightest beach weather. If you're looking to dip into the oil trend this summer, here are five of our top picks for enhanced summer beauty.

English Lavender Oil: For Your Face

If combating the aging and drying effects of the sun is at the top of your to-do list, a moisturizing facial lotion infused with essential oils -- and, most important, sunscreen! -- should be a staple in your makeup bag. Lavender oil can have beauty benefits such as refined skin texture and reduced acne. Plus -- a major summer bonus -- it's even been known to work as a bug repellent.

Dry Oil: For Your Hair

To keep your strands moisture-rich without excess grease, dry oil is the key! Dry oil quickly sinks into strands instead of sitting atop the hair cuticle, giving your mane the intensive nutrients it needs without the commitment of more time-intensive treatments. The best part about this type of oil is that it can be used in an infinite variety of ways -- to smooth hair before styling, to tame flyaways or prior to shampooing to inject softness and moisture.

Apricot Oil: For Your Eyes (and Cuticles!)

In the midst of attending to your saltwater-soaked locks and sun-kissed skin this summer, don't neglect your eyes! Snag a hydrating eye balm to help smooth and depuff your peepers. Then, use the same serum to help nourish your nail beds -- nothing elevates the appearance of a fresh mani-pedi like healthy, hangnail-free cuticles. You can't go wrong with a formula that has apricot oil, jojoba oil or avocado oil -- each boasts significant antioxidant and emollient power to prettify and protect nails.

Argan Oil and Shea Butter Oil: For Your Body

This summer, instead of reaching for sloppy sunscreen to revive and protect thirsty skin, try an argan-and-shea-butter-oil-based mist. Unlike heavier moisturizing formulas, oil spray absorbs swiftly and leaves the faintest hint of luster on the skin's surface, all while giving skin the hydration and protection it needs.

Jojoba Oil: For Your Lips

If your pout is parched from sunny-weather adventures, think outside the box and drench your lips in a skin-soothing jojoba-oil-enriched lip balm. Jojoba incorporates moisture -- and even eases the irritation of sunburns -- without aggravating the sensitive skin on your lips.

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