16 people confess their thoughts about Taylor Swift

Love her or hate her, everyone has opinions about Taylor Swift. The polarizing pop princess has been burning up the news this week, and Whisper app users spilled their most honest thoughts about the celebrity.

1. People have been suspicious of her lately:

I don't dislike Taylor Swift because of the break up with Calvin. I dislike her because she's always seemed a bit shady.

2. She just doesn't seem nice:

Taylor Swift looks like a nice girl but I bet she'd be the mean girl of high school

3. Waiting for her new music is always fun:

I can't wait to see what song Taylor Swift is gonna write about Tom Hiddleston

4. Her music can help you unwind:

Taylor Swift is my escape when I can't be bothered to deal with people♥️

5. Swift's fans miss "the old her:"

I'm just going to say it: Country Taylor Swift was way better then Popstar Taylor Swift

6. There's something shady about her new relationship:

It's high time Taylor Swift let Tom Hiddleston go back to work

7. She's got a clear grasp on the news:

Let's be honest here. Taylor Swift knows how to control the media.

8. Some think she's impossible to hate:

Something is seriously wrong with u if u hate Taylor Swift

9. There are questions about how she became famous:

Am I the only one who thinks Taylor swift has only reached fame for shamefully exposing her ex boyfriends?

10. People are suspicious of her innocence:

People must be really blind and dumb to think taylor swift is the poor innocent in her relashionships while she had many failed ones and is the one shading them in a childish way...

11. Fans of Tom Hiddleston are nervous:

Dear Taylor Swift, Please don't ruin Tom Hiddleston. We need him.

12. Her actions are questionable:

I don't like Taylor Swift! Her music is good, but I don't like the way she acts. She is overrated.

13. The Katy Perry quote is an ultimate dig:

Finally the world sees who Taylor Swift really is. Time, the ultimate truth teller

14. People are already over her new relationship:

I really hope Taylor Swift isn't at the Emmy's with Tom Hiddleston. I really don't like her.

15. Some really, really trust her:

Taylor Swift is like my big sister guiding me through tough times with her songs

16. To many, she is worth all the hype:

Taylor Swift is the only music I ever listen to. Yes maybe I should try other artists but they will never be as good as Taylor

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