Twitter account that assigns high school stereotypes to dogs is spot-on

Twitter Falls in Love with 5-year-old Who Wore a Hot Dog Costume to 'Princess Day'

Everyone from parents to TV producers to current high schoolers knows that high school is a difficult time in your life that people always want to forget.

With high school comes tons of different cliques that have stereotypes, as we learned from "Mean Girls" and real life -- there are jocks, nerds, popular kids and all sorts of different social groups.

The Twitter account Dogs in High School posts pictures of dogs and assigns them a stereotype of someone you probably met in high school. It makes looking back on the awkwardness a little more bearable.

1. There's the classic drama fanatic

2. The preppy, binder-loving gal

3. The mindless jock

4. The "cool teacher"

5. The "not cool teacher"

You can see these and so much more by following Dogs in High School.

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