These futuristic hotels are literally out of this world

These Futuristic Hotels Are Literally Out Of This World

This year's Radical Innovation contest asked participants for innovative new hotel designs and what they received was certainly otherworldly!

Both architecture firms and students submitted their ideas for futuristic hotels no one had ever thought of before.

One of this year's professional finalists was the HOK's Toronto Office architecture firm that created a pop-up concept.

The idea was for a mobile, self-sustaining hotel that could be delivered by drone to hard-to-reach or underutilized areas.

Another finalist, Paris-based MM Architects, produced the concept of customizable units. The units would be able to connect and be placed in parks as well as other underfunded public places.

This year's student finalist was Juan Orduz from the University of Nevada who literally took his hotel into outer space!

Ten years ago, most of these ideas would have been hard to wrap our heads around, but Radical Innovation founder John Hardy says, "today it is not so hard to see how it could work."

Byline: Josh King

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