How to look chic while traveling

By Chic Flavours

One of the questions I get asked over and over again is, "how do you stay chic while traveling such long hours." The truth is it has taken me at least a year to master my fashion and beauty routine while traveling.


Location: Chicago, Photos by: Meagan Shuptar​​​​​​

Blazer/Chaqueta:J.Crew (also love this one), Tee/Camisa:LOFT, Jeans:Topshop, Shoes/Zapatos:Adidas (classic here), Backpack/Bulto:Madewell, Sunglasses/Lentes: Fendi

I first like to be as comfortable as possible, I'm often on the road for over 20 hours between Chicago and Abu Dhabi and being comfortable is key to staying chic. First thing is first, comfortable shoes. I either recommend these classic Adidas which are extremely comfortable or a pair of Nike. I always like to wear a white shirt or white tee underneath a blazer, it really goes with everything. A blazer is elegant and classic and is always good to look the part during traveling as you never know who you might bumped into or meet. I always have a rollaway with me and a backpack or tote bag that fits my most important things. This Madewell backpack fits my laptop and other major accessories like my camera. A few tricks I can recommend besides wearing a comfortable travel is drink lots and lots of water, avoid watching three movies and actually get some sleep. I always carry a toothbrush with me, Moroccan dry shampoo and oil sheets for my face.

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