8 simple tricks to wearing colored eyeliner

Beauty Guide: Navy Eyeliner

By: The Perennial Style

It's no secret I'm addicted to eyeliner. Ever since I bought my first MAC brush and black powder set in 5th grade, smokey black eyes have been my makeup staple. Though I feel completely naked without that extra touch, lately I've been wanting to add a little oomph to my liner, which is why I've become enthralled with colored liner.

Though colored eyeliner has been around for quite some time, there are definitely tricks to mastering a pop of eye color. Just like adding a bold lipstick to your makeup look, a bold liner requires the same balance. Here are my tips for rocking this fun makeup trend without looking like you got lost on your way to a late-night rave:

1. Choose A Color That Compliments Your Eyes
Sure hot pink is my favorite color, but that doesn't mean it will give my eyes a sultry glow. Pick a color based on your eye color, rather than your personal preference, to compliment your natural hues. Tip: contrasting shades make the eyes look bigger.

Blue Eyes – gold, copper, champagne, navy
Green Eyes – shades of red, bronze, rust
Brown Eyes – dark blue, gray, copper, cobalt
Hazel Eyes – green, gold, plum, bronze

2. Less Is More
To avoid looking overdone, keep the rest of your makeup look simple. Opt for pale pinks and nudes on yourcheeks and lips, allowing your eyes to be the focal point. Also, stick with matte shadows with using metallic liners to avoid looking like a disco ball.

elegance close up of beautiful...

3. Use An Eyeshadow Primer To Keep Everything In Place
Just like using a face primer to give your foundation a lasting look, use an eyeshadow primer to enhance your color and keep your liner in tact.

4. Stay Away From Liquid Liners Unless You're A Pro
If you've never mastered the liquid cat eye, stick with powders, pencils, and gels for an easier, smokey look. Smudge away any imperfections for a natural look.

5. Water And An Angled Brush Can Turn Any Eyeshadow Into A Liner
You can finally take advantage of all of those unused colors in your favorite eyeshadow palette! Simply dampen your angled brush and apply the shadow as a liner. The water thickens the powder to intensify the color and leave a lasting hue.

6. Mix In Black And White For A Contrasting Look
Wear a white liner on your bottom lash line and inner corners to make your eyes look bigger, or add a black cat eye and trace the outside with a colored liner for a bold pop.

Young woman applying eyeliner7. Load Up On Mascara
Since your eyes are the spotlight, don't skimp on the mascara. Long lashes simply enhance the trend, and try colors to coordinate with your liner – Example: brown mascara with earthy tones, and black mascara with blues and grays.

8. Have Fun!
There's no right or wrong way to try colored eyeliner, so experiment with different colors, styles, and techniques to see which look matches your style. Whether you add a minimal touch of navy or go all about with a glowing turquoise, colored eyeliner can work for everyone – so give it a whirl, and have fun!
Check out some of my favorite looks below and click here to see more of my favorites on Pinterest!

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