10 favorite online shops for vintage finds

Happy Friday loves! Today, I'm sharing another Friday Where to Shop. This week, I am featuring my 10 Favorite Online Shops for Vintage Finds.

10 Favorite Online Shops for Vintage Finds via Bliss at Home

The thrill of the hunt! Don't you love it?! You enter the jungle of dust and the discarded and come out on the other side hauling out the treasure. Pretty darn exciting for us treasure seekers!

Over the years, I've become quite adept at finding quality vintage pieces I am looking for. I'm even pretty darn good at negotiating the price now.

In fact, this Midwest area I live in right now has been a secret metropolis of buried treasures. After traveling across this glorious country of ours, I've discovered you can't beat the prices of our Mississippi River Valley flea markets, antique malls, thrift or resale shops. Things sold here are hundreds less than what you find in larger cities like Chicago or on the West or East Coasts.

With that being said, I always try to shop local for the vintage pieces I am looking for. With this relocation, I realize I probably won't have this same luxury for my treasure hunting ventures. I'll probably have to hunt a little harder to find the deals. I also like to mix antique or vintage into the spaces I design, so I've had to turn to online resources from time to time to get the pieces required.

So, here are my 10 Favorite Online Shops for Vintage Finds and why...



This is one of my top places to find specific pieces I am looking for. You can negotiate, they run markdowns, and the selection is huge and ever-changing. I've worked with them in the past and have curated a featured shop for them that I add pieces to when I have time. You can see my curated shop HERE.



This is a no-brainer for most of us, but I had to have it on my favorites because it has been a great resource to hunt for specifics. I usually don't have time to bid, so I look for 'buy it now' pieces. Sometimes they are a bit pricier, so it pays to bid if you have the time. I have found some great deals here on smaller decor pieces.



I could get lost for hours on Etsy. Raise your hand if you are in this club! There are so many vintage shops on Etsy that I could dedicate an entire a post to my favorite ones...maybe that will happen one day. I search by clicking on 'vintage' on the menu bar and then by keyword. I also favorite shops that have the things I am always looking for so I can keep up on their inventory.



Over 10,000 vintage offerings on one my all-time favorite sites to shop for all things home. You can shop all the vintage pieces or look for vintage curated shops by signing up for their email alerts. Varied price points, and I have found affordable and fair prices.



There is a lot on this site to search. Some prices I give the woah$$$$!!Gesundheit!!!!!! to (I just sneezed out a ton of money if you are wondering), but you can also find some reasonably priced pieces. It's worth a look at, trust me. Don't let some of the higher priced offerings scare you away. It's a great go-to if you are looking for very high quality or designer brands or shopping for a client that wants the finer things in life. They also offer a trade program for you designers out there.



I LOVE THIS SITE FOR VINTAGE! It's just a fun place to look because the selections are such an interesting mix. I've seen things priced as low as $4 to $5,000 in the vintage decor sections. I like to search by category here and start at the price low filter and see what interesting things I can find.



I love when my favorite shops offer exclusive vintage pieces too. Shopping for vintage on MWH is easy. All you need to do is click on Mintwood Exclusives and look at what they have for vintage. it's just a couple of pages of listings but a good selection of ginger jars, brass, and trinkets. If you follow them on Instagram, they post new vintage pieces when they are listed.



This is a new-to-me site, but I love how it is organized. They offer antique and vintage offerings and you can shop by style or time period. The price filter is helpful to keep to budget and they have a vast variety of furniture, lighting, and decor.



Have you ever wanted to go to a California flea market with Emily Henderson? I would do that in a heartbeat and make her take shameless selfies with me along the way. Enough fantasizing...Her love of Mid-century and quirk are offered in her online shop named The Flea. Now you can give your home that quirk and MCM vibe that we all love about Emily.



My love of all things rattan, bamboo, and palm springs chic is fulfilled with this shop. This vintage regency Florida shop has a great online shop too! They offer Paypal payment and reasonable pricing. You can also ask them about shipping on larger pieces ahead of time.

♦ ♦ ♦

Those are my 10 online sources for vintage decor. As I stated above, I can't beat the pricing and shops in the region I live, but at times I've sourced online when I have a deadline or need something I can't find locally. There's always Craigslist too, but that has been a bit off for me where I live at least.

I honestly had a hard time blogging about shopping today with the attack in Nice last night. We ended up having a conversation with our boys about the evils in this world and it really does just make you want to slow down and hug them a little tighter. We decided a little extra family time was in order for the weekend so I am postponing a project I was going to finish up and share Monday. It's summer and those cute faces are a good reason to not work the weekend away.

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and my thoughts and prayers are with all who are suffering from the evil that is spreading throughout our world.

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