The disturbing health trend plaguing college women

"Drunkorexia" may be more common

While the mental health debate has become more widespread, so has one particular disorder that is plaguing many women across college campuses.

It's called 'Drunkorexia', and it's a very serious issue.

To feel the alcohol more quickly, or to avoid the extra pounds frequently attributed to alcohol, many people deliberately choose to consume drinks on an empty stomach. This can include skipping meals, forced vomiting, taking laxatives...anything to rid the body of food.

Studies on the advent of this new trend are becoming more prevalent. "The effect is very well known and has been discussed and observed by many experts," Dr. Petros Levounis, chair of the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's psychiatry department, told CBS News.

Unfortunately, research has found that more and more students are participating in this movement.

In a preliminary survey of students from the University of Houston, over eighty percent of those questioned have 'engaged' in 'drunkorexia' behavior. Many of those students are affiliated with the school's Greek life.

It was found that of those who were categorized under 'drunkorexia', women were more likely to drink heavier amounts.

The researchers have called for more awareness of 'drunkorexia', and to warn students about the dangers. The dangers are substantial, and sexual assault falls under those physical, mental and emotional risks.

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