Summer sips: Refreshing summer smoothies

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Easy blueberry smoothie

"Easy Blueberry Smoothie, blueberries, bananas and yogurt make this an easy, healthy, fast breakfast option!" - This Silly Girls' Kitchen

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Strawberry grapefruit smoothie 

"Hands down my most favorite smoothie and the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or anytime in between. " - Melanie Makes 

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Tart cherry smoothie

"This tart cherry smoothie is pretty rock star any day of the week. " - Jelly Toast 

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Mango Carrot Chia Smoothie

"Need a healthy pick me up in the late afternoon?  Here’s your answer: Mango Carrot Chia Smoothie.  It’s full of good for you fruits and veggies with an added boost of fiber from the chia seeds." - Seasonal Cravings

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Peach cobbler smoothie

"One the best ways for me to get some good energy, while being absolutely delicious of course, is by making a homemade smoothie." - Billy Parisi 

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Sunrise smoothie

" I’m ready to get back to business, which means a quick injection of vitamins and minerals preferably in sipping form and ideally one that looks like the sunrise."- Hola Jalapeno

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Orange creamsicle smoothie 

"This Orange Creamsicle Smoothie is delicious and satisfying enough for breakfast or an afternoon snack."-Carrie's Experimental Kitchen

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Summer sun seems to be blazing hotter than ever this summer and we here at the Lifestyle Collective have definitely noticed. Don't get us wrong! The sun is perfect! Especially after months and months of extreme cold and what seemed like the longest winter in eternity, it's great to finally feel the heat.

As part of our summer sips list, we want to make this season even more enjoyable with some great new drinks for you all to try. So take a look at our round up of summer smoothies to sit back, relax and unwind, preferably with a tiny umbrella in your new favorite drink.

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