Firefighter suspended for racist Facebook post

Indiana Firefighter Suspended Over Racist Facebook Post

SOUTH HAVEN, Ind. (WGN-TV)-- A volunteer firefighter in northwest Indiana has been suspended over a racist post on Facebook.

The post has been linked to a South Haven volunteer firefighter. The department is investigating.

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The post includes a photo of a van with a graphic of two people with spears, the n-word, and is accompanied by the message "Started a new moving company ... anyone need help moving?"

Members of the department, both full-time and volunteer, sign a social media contract agreeing not to post inflammatory content.

The police are also involved to determine the source of the post.

The accused firefighter has essentially disappeared since this came to light. The post has been deleted and his Facebook photo's been changed. He did not return WGN News' attempt to contact him.

WGN News is not naming him because he has not been charged.

Facebook is also involved in the investigation.

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