5 awesome employee benefits you should know about

How to Maximize Your Employee Benefits

It's important to think beyond salary when negotiating your next job offer. The right benefits package could save or earn you more money than you think – for example, by subsidizing your health insurance. But, there is more to benefits packages in 2016 than health insurance and even extra vacation time. Check out these modern real-world examples of amazing employee benefits that make a significant and lasting impact on employees lives, both in and out of the office. You've probably never heard of some of them before today, but they are a reality for some lucky workers in 2016.


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  1. Onsite healthcare.

Google is known for their amazing employee benefits; they've certainly moved beyond the standard healthcare and vacation-time package, that's for sure. One of the perks that stands out as especially convenient is their "onsite healthcare and wellness services." Google provide easy access to doctors, chiropractors, and even massage therapists as a part of their employee benefit package.

  1. Financial Advisors.

Additionally, Google provides their workers with the somewhat standard "retirement savings matches" but, they also do something else to help their employees navigate the waters of their financial futures that is pretty remarkable. They provide them with access to financial advisors.

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6 job perks you should negotiate
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6 job perks you should negotiate

1. More vacation time 

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2. Flex time (ability to work from home and at different hours)

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3. A better official title for your position 

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4. Commuting reimbursement 

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5. A severance package

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6. Designated office space

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7. Continued education tuition reimbursement

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  1. Extended Parental Leave.

Lately, more and more companies have been extending their family leave benefits and some have even made national headlines due to these offerings. Netflix announced last year that they'll now allow up to a full year for parental leave, and companies like Spotify have started to allow similar opportunities, granting six months paid time off and one month of flexible work options to parents.

  1. Educational Opportunities.

Furthering your education is one of the best things you can do to advance your career. These days, some employers offer programs to help you continue your education, either paying for some or part of your tuition and/or fees. Taking advantage of a benefit like this will be a huge boon to you in the long term.

Some employers are even helping workers pay off the student loans they're already carrying. Now that's a benefit that would surely help a lot of people feel a real sense of relief. It's no wonder that is one of the hottest employee benefits going today.

  1. Play time.

The technology company Red Ventures allows their employees to take a break and enjoy one of the many fitness amenities they offer. They have a putting green, gym, lockers, and even an indoor basketball court that is so nice it's used by the Charlotte Bobcats for practice in the off-season.

Similarly, research suggests that workers' access to fitness tools like rock-climbing walls could help them stay more fit, and also more productive. There is even a co-working space in Somerville, Massachusetts that doubles as a climbing gym.

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