Zoe Saldana is the new face of 7 For All Mankind

Zoe Saldana's New Campaign Will Make You Want to Do Yoga

Strong, independent and successful women are having a moment right now in America (let's hope it's more than a moment, but, you know.)

The brainless bimbo is out, and the smart, sexy woman is in, which is exactly why 7 For All Mankind chose Zoe Saldana to be the new face of the new b(air) denim campaign.

In a world now reigned by kick-ass women, clothing designed with an emphasis on looking good rather than actually feeling good is a thing of the past. No more too-high heels that no woman could ever truly walk in (hello, trendy new block heels!), and no more too-tight, heavy jeans that provide zero mobility or comfort.

Enter b(air) denim, which takes the combination of comfort and aesthetic to a whole new level. The jeans are ultra-lightweight and super soft, while still hugging your body in all the right places.

It seems only natural for the face of the campaign to be a stylish woman who has played superheroes and civil rights activists onscreen, especially because she really is a superhero and activist offscreen, too.

Zoe Saldana 7 For All Mankind

"I am thrilled to join forces with 7 For All Mankind, a jean that makes you feel beautiful, strong and confident," Saldana said.

"I'm a denim girl through and through, and 7 has always been an essential part of my wardrobe. What I love most about this new collection, b(air) denim, is that they fit like a glove. As soon as you slip into them, they blend into your body, and you can't help but feel sexy."

We don't know about you, but if throwing on a pair of these new 7 For All Mankind Jeans means we get to feel a little more like Zoe Saldana, we're in.

Shop the b(air) denim Ankle Skinny collection below!

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