'The Runner' recap: Day 12

12 July - Ep. 3

The first episode of the day tracked the Chaser teams as they tried to catch the Runner before he left Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, in Louisville. Unfortunately for them, though, the Runner was so quick to complete his daily ops that he reached the safe zone before any of them even arrived at the sight of the challenge. One of the Chaser teams was even slower than the rest of their competition, heading to St. Louis instead of Louisville. Check it all out below:

12 July - Ep. 1

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The day's second episode, as usual, as a debrief from Control90 courtesy of Mat Pat, Bri and social media. We saw that the Chaser teams had their quickest-ever exit as they left Louisville because they've begun to reverse-hack the game's clues.

Watch the day's second show below for updates from each of the Chaser teams:

12 July - Ep. 2

The Chaser teams had to sort through a huge load of Louisville Slugger baseball bats in the third episode to find their next clue, in addition to getting a little help from America who had to spot a man wearing a shirt with Elvis' name on it to help them uncover their next destination: Nashville.

Watch the third episode at the top of the page.

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