The most popular purchase on Amazon Prime Day this year

Natt Garun
Will Amazon Prime Day be a success?
Will Amazon Prime Day be a success?

Another Amazon Prime Day has come and gone and while the company did step up the sales this time around, it seems the best deals were still some basic household stuff.

Amazon today released data from Prime Day 2016 calling it its "biggest day ever" for the company, and aside from the obvious uptick in sales of Amazon-branded items like the Fire TV, Kindle, and Dash Buttons, customers globally scored hot deals on memory sticks, electric toothbrushes, and 'Kung Fu Panda 3.'

Some highlights from US sales, according to the company:

Around the world, these were the best-selling items by country:

While it's not as junky as 2015's inaugural Prime Day, it seems that no matter how good the deals are on the bigger ticket items, the best selling stuff will still be the household basics you were planning to buy no matter what. Which is probably better than spending money on a gadget you likely didn't need, but bought just because it was a little cheaper for a day.

Now see the best selling books on Amazon of 2016 so far:

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