Here's how pink lip color can make you look younger

Here's how pink lip color can make you look younger

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Go ahead, lighten up. While red lips will always be a standby, pink pouts are having a moment. And it's more than just a color to watch: Pink lipstick -- whether bubble gum, watermelon, coral or fuchsia -- can actually help make you look younger. Just one swipe of rose-hued pigment, and voilà! A fresh-faced glow.

Because all pinks are not created equal, below we've mapped out how to wear the shade based on your skin tone. Pucker up and prepare to knock some years off your look.

For fair skin tones: While mauves tend to look matronly (and safe), a bright pink will accentuate your adventurous side. There's nothing subtle about electric pink, and because it's a cool hue, it'll work with light skin, which often has blue undertones.

For beige skin tones: Skin that's overly done-up can age you. Instead, those with this coloring should keep things subtle with a neutral rose lip color -- it'll bring out the innate flush in your cheeks without even the complement of blush.

For golden skin tones: If your skin veers toward sun-kissed, half the battle's already been won. Play up those caramel tones with a tulip hue that has subtle yellow pigment. A bright glow will always be associated with youth.

For olive skin tones: Invigorate an olive complexion with an orange-based coral shade. A peachy pink will complement the skin's natural warm undertones, eradicating any chance of looking washed out.

For dark skin tones: It's tempting to match dark skin with a deep red or plum pout, but remember: The darker the color, the thinner your lips can look. Instead, go for knockout purplish-pink shades, like magenta or raspberry. The lively color will emphasize your lips, making them appear fuller and more youthful.

No matter your skin tone: As you age, your natural lip definition can begin to fade, and color can easily bleed into fine lines around the mouth. The solution: Reinforce your lip line by contouring with multiple shades. Invest in a palette of pinks and experiment with a combo that works with your coloring. In general, start with a lighter shade toward the center of your lips and blend it with a bolder pink toward the outer edges.

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