Dog's hilarious adoption photos will make your day

This Rescue Dog Adopted These Abandoned Ducklings and it's Adorable

San Francisco Animal Care and Control is pretty good at social media.

They post adorable animal photos, and it's for a good cause -- they want the little guys to get adopted.

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A recent post has really risen above the fold, though.

They seized the day with Carpe Diem, a 4-year-old puppy who has been up for adoption since June, by calling him #MyWeirdDog.

Usually when brands try to create memes, it goes horribly wrong, but this guy is just too cute to be true.

He's got a great surprised face that you can use as a reaction to any shocking thing:

He's got an impressive tongue, which is sure to give you lots of warm kisses:

You'll never be the most awkward one in your relationship:

Honestly, this dog is basically an emoji:

People have fallen instantly in love with Carpe Diem.

According to the SFACC Twitter, the little angel who was once wandering the streets of San Fransisco is still looking for a home.

To adopt, you'll have to be local so they can interview you. So run to San Fransisco. Carpe Diem!

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