The 5 craziest groupon deals

The New Deal on Groupon Isn't Enough

Nobody likes to pay full price.

That's why everybody jumped on Groupon when it first came out with all of its crazy-cheap deals, and many of us still keep coming back. From dinners at fancy places to open bar catamaran cruises, Groupon seems to offer everything under the sun — at a steep discount.

But if you think that bikini waxes are the wildest thing that Groupon offers, think again. Here are the five craziest Groupon deals ever. (See also: How to Ensure You Use Your Groupons and Other Daily Deals)

1. Bedtime Tuck-In

Parents have been warning their kids about stranger danger for a long time. Ben Kobold wanted you to dismiss all that advice and let him give you or the recipient of this Groupon "deal" the most amazing bedtime tuck-in. Not only will Ben use his "summer-breeze-like" voice to sing you a lullaby, but he will also monitor your body temperature and breathing rate.

Priced at $100, this bedtime tuck-in deal would seem a prank. However, Groupon has established that this deal wasn't a joke and that Ben Kobold was an actual Groupon employee (he's a writer). Such level of professionalism must have been very reassuring for the two people that bought this crazy deal!

2. Serial-Killer Walking Tour

There are creepy deals, and then there are truly scary ones. A Milwaukee company caused the rage of several local residents by offering a 90-minute Jeffrey Dahmer (a.k.a. the Milwaukee Cannibal) tour for two. For $25 (deal was valued at $60), you and your guest would tour the exact streets in which cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer picked up seven of his victims.

Even though two decades have passed since Dahmer was arrested, his memory still haunts the neighborhood. It wasn't long until the Dahmer's hunting grounds "deal" caught the attention of the local and national news and Groupon was forced to take down the sale from its website. Despite the pull-plug from Groupon and the outcry from the Milwaukee community, the tour company was still legally allowed to fulfill its 15 sold tours.

3. DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator

When you are offering a travel package that includes...

Round-trip airfare from any city in the continental U.S. to the nearest city of the resting place of the Titanic;

One-night stay at a comfy hotel;

11-night stay at a cruise ship;

Exploration of the Titanic shipwreck aboard a deep-ocean vessel;

Admission to a series of lectures from experts on the Titanic; and

A long list of Titanic-related activities,

...why in the world would you make a Titanic-movie DVD signed by a Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator the main selling point of this package? (See also: Are Groupon Getaways a Good Idea?)

To be fair, he's a professional impersonator. But, heck with a price tag of $12,500 for this deal, you would expect at least the Leo impersonator would be around to recreate the famous "I'm the king of the world" scene!

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Although it may be more convenient to purchase flowers online, if you have time, it's best to locate a local florist near the person you want to send flowers to. According to a study by, you're more likely to pay less and receive a better bouquet for your money when you use a local florist. 

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You may not realize it, but when you purchase furniture online, you also have to pay for delivery and surcharge fees. In order to avoid paying these unwanted costs, it's easier to get it in person. For example, when buying furniture in-store, you're able to negotiate a better price and maybe even convince the salesperson to throw in free delivery. 

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Much like shopping for flowers, it is best to purchase your groceries at an actual grocery store. When you purchase them in person, you have the opportunity ensure you are choosing the best meats, produce, etc. -- something you can't do when ordering online.

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As beach season rapidly approaches, you probably want to invest in a few new swimsuits. However, before you make that online purchase you'll want to heed this warning. Trae Bodge, senior editor at RetailMeNot, says, " Fit can fluctuate even among suits from the same brand...  and many online retailers don’t allow swimsuit returns if the packaging has been opened or there’s evidence the suit has been worn." 

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Social Media Followers 
We get it, social media is addicting.  While it may be cool to have over 10,000 followers, buying them can be risky. Depending on the social media site you are using, the followers you purchase can be deleted if they are considered spam accounts. 

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Unless advised by your doctor, you should avoid buying medicine online at all costs. It can be tempting to get off-brand products, but you may be unknowingly purchasing illegal or counterfeit drugs. 

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Knockoff Accessories 
While getting counterfeit bags and jewelry is cheaper than buying the real thing, you should do so with much caution. Oftentimes, these items are sold on unsecured sites which can lead to either your computer getting a virus or your identity being stolen. 

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While you can find an array of pets being sold online, it is always safest to purchase one in person. Much like furniture, you may have to deal with excessive delivery fees, and what's more, your pet can get sick or even worse. 

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Fragile Items
If you're truly invested in a fragile or irreplaceable item, it's highly recommended to buy and pick it up in the store. This cuts out any chances of a delivery person dropping and breaking your prized possession. 

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4. Role as Movie Extra

In 2014, Robert Downey, Jr. made $75 million, while Sandra Bullock earned $50 million. Dreaming of landing such big paychecks one day, several individuals kick off their careers by playing extras in over 1,800 movies released in the U.S.

And all of those extras get paid!

So, why in the world would you pay $149 for a Groupon deal to become a movie extra? This "deal" in New Orleans was called out faster than you can say "Lights, camera, action!" The Office of the Mayor of New Orleans clearly states that if you follow the rules, you'll get paid for your work as an extra.

5. Kilogram of Onions

Groupon operates in close to 50 countries, including India. One of Groupon India's most successful deals to date is Rs. 9 (roughly $0.15) for a kilo of onions.

With the price of kilo of onions at about Rs. 100 at the time of the deal, this crazy Groupon deal was able to sell 3,000 kilograms of onions in just 44 minutes. The heavy demand caused the site to crash. Once the site was back up, Groupon India sold a total of 8,000 kilos of onions during the two-day sale.

Onions are a major staple in Indian cuisine and are used in a wide variety of dishes, including the one recommended by Groupon India, onion pakora.

What is the craziest Groupon deal that you ever bought?

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