Lonely, heartbroken orangutan shows damage to planet

Orangutan Clings to His Home After Being Left 'Stranded, Starving and Left to Die'
Orangutan Clings to His Home After Being Left 'Stranded, Starving and Left to Die'

This video, posted on the International Animal Rescue's Facebook page, shows the consequences of people's mistreatment of the environment:

The page posted the heartbreaking video this past Earth Day saying, "Today, on Earth Day, we remember all the orangutans that have been left to starve and die."

The video displays a lonely orangutan sitting on top of the last tree in its rainforest -- which was once populated by both many trees and many other orangutans. It was the lone survivor of poaching and deforestation.

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While the video was taken in 2013, its message is still relevant -- if not more so -- today. "It shows an orangutan desperately clinging to the last tree standing after her forest home was destroyed," the post said.

This particular orangutan was saved, according to the International Animal Rescue: "Thankfully, our team reached this orangutan just in time and were able to translocate her to safety." Others, however, are not so lucky -- and this orangutan's story is all too common.

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"We are the last and only hope for orangutans in West Kalimantan, and the rainforest continues to be destroyed at an alarming rate. We are busier than ever before, desperately working to protect the forest that still remains," the rescue continued.

The post urges for those who see the video to share it and to take care of our planet. "This Earth belongs to us all, we must protect and cherish it, before it is too late."