It's summertime sadness for these bee-stung puppies

Scientists To Create Robot bees

It's summertime sadness for a lot of these pups, many of whom were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Apparently, it's so frequent for puppies to get stung, social media has deemed these balloon animals 'dogbees'.

It's like the bee took their cuteness and poofed it up a bit. Thanks, bees, for this enjoyment.

1. This husky who looks like he recently got his wisdom teeth taken out.

thish hurtz <=o from Stungbybees

He's just as confused as we are.

2. And this pup who thinks he's a chipmunk.

Mah face so huge! :>O from Stungbybees

Look at those cheeks!

3. A boxer instantly regretting his life choices.

He looked too closely and got stung <~:S from Stungbybees

I can't see!

4. And this one, who's still happy as a clam.

ouchiess X( from Stungbybees

Just keep smiling, maybe they won't notice how much pain I'm in.

5. His head is bigger than his body.

Guysh. Shtop laughing from Stungbybees

Mom, stop laughing.

6. This pup who feels defeated.

Why is this happening to me from Stungbybees

WHAT did I do to deserve this?

7. And this baby who just wants to cry.

Not happy \:< from Stungbybees

It'll all be okay!

8. This one who's in denial.

Not my dogbee but I want this subreddit to be a thing. from dogbees

Whatchu talking about? There ain't no bee.

9. Basically, now this pup is a whole new breed.

What kind of dog is that? Oh just a pit-dogbee mix. from dogbees

Wow, I didn't recognize you there. Did you gain weight a bee sting?

10. And this one who's trying his hardest to embrace it.

Barney, the first submission of /r/Dogbees [x-post from /r/aww by /u/GlimmeringJem from dogbees

Does this sting make my nose look big?

11. He's SO embarrassed.

my poor dog was stung by a bee from aww

Don't look at me, I'm hideous.

12. This one, who's turning into a monster.

My dog yawning after being stung repeatedly by a bee from awwwtf

Fear me, human.

13. How about this one, who seems oddly happy about it?

My dog got stung by a bee from funny


14. This doggy, who is trying his best to go back in time.

My dog also once got stung by a bee from aww

Just leave me be(e)!

15. Lastly, this one. She's suddenly more contemplative about life.

Our dog got stung by a bee from pics

She studied pawlosophy in college. She knows the bee meant her no harm.

Feel better, pups!

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