Great anti-aging skin care products for glowy summer skin

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

There's nothing like a bright, radiant complexion to make you look years younger.* Because if wrinkles* are the mother of aging signs, then dullness and uneven skin tone are the evil stepsisters. So what's a girl to do? It's simple: Stick to an easy skin care routine that yields great results in just a week's time. The formula is pretty basic -- slough away dead skin to reveal a new layer -- but it's the ingredients that will make all the difference. Glycolic acid has become a gold standard in dermatology for a reason: This tiny molecule has become known to help rejuvenate the appearance of skin and help even out skin tone. It's even been known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles!* Vitamin C* is also a great ingredient to have in your skin care routine because this natural antioxidant also helps to brighten skin.

The guide below will help you figure out what to look for in your lotions and cleansers, plus when and how to use them for the best results!


Start With a Daily Scrub

Washing your face daily is essential for removing dead skin cells, or dullness, from skin. Skip the washcloth -- the texture can be too harsh for your face, and these cloths can harbor lots of bacteria. Instead, use a gently exfoliating foaming face wash. Look for one that lists glycolic acid.

Protect Your Fresh Skin

You don't need a dermatologist to tell you that broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must! This is even more critical when you exfoliate, exposing new skin. And it's doubly important when you're using products that have glycolic acid, which can cause skin sensitivity. We recommend a two-in-one moisturizer plus sunscreen, with SPF 30, to protect the skin but also to maintain the results you are going to achieve.


Peel and Reveal

The goal with any peel is to resurface uneven skin tone and reveal fresh-looking skin. Try using an at-home treatment like glycolic-acid-infused textured pads. The action of the glycolic complex combined with the texturized pad is what helps to resurface any roughness in your skin tone. You should start to see results around week two -- so don't get discouraged if your complexion transformation doesn't happen overnight.

Slather Before Bed

Speaking of overnight ... that's when your skin is the most receptive to renewal, and so it's the perfect time to send in the big guns. In other words, use a nighttime moisturizer packed with the three big skin-brightening must-haves: glycolic acid, vitamin C and Pro-retinol. The combination of these key ingredients helps speed along the skin renewal process and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Stick with this nighttime ritual for a week and you're bound to see some literal perks -- brighter skin with less-defined wrinkles.

*Claims not associated with the Bright Reveal Cleanser

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