Cutest intruder ever? Couple comes home to koala on couch

Cutest Intruder Ever? Couple Comes Home to Koala on Couch
Cutest Intruder Ever? Couple Comes Home to Koala on Couch

By: Amanda Kabbabe/Gillian Pensavalle

Nobody has ever been happy to come home and find an intruder in their home. Although, there is always room for exceptions, especially when koalas are involved.

Vicki Haines and Michelle Goodman walked into their home in Australia when they found a koala casually hanging out in their living room. He was lounging on the couch, so he clearly felt right at home.

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Haines and Goodman assume the koala came in through the doggie door before he decided to make himself comfortable.

After the initial shock of what they were seeing wore off, they called the Hunter Koala Preservation Society to safely remove the animal.

Simone Aurino arrived from the organization and safely took the koala to a new home.

Haines and Goodman did the right thing by calling for help. Though they are adorable, koalas have big talons that could prove dangerous. Especially since, realistically speaking, the koala was probably just as caught off guard as the girls were.

Things could have gotten messy, but luckily everything worked out.

After he was taken from the home, the koala was microchipped and released back into the wild.

Let's just hope he doesn't find a human lounging in his tree when he gets home!

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