A cafe in Virginia appears to offer discounts for good manners

A Cafe in Virginia Appears to Offer Discounts for Good Manners

By Amanda Kabbabe and Keri Lumm (Buzz60)

If having basic manners saved you money, would that be enough incentive to say "please" and "thank you"?

A cafe in Virginia is testing this out, and is offering different prices for different levels of manners.

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The business posted a sign outside their front door indicating that if you have proper manners, your wallet will reap the benefits.

A coffee starts at five dollars when it is ordered just as, "small coffee." If you ask for a "small coffee please," the price drops down to three dollars.

If your mother's manner lessons are really engrained in you and you order saying, "Hello, one small coffee please," you will only pay $1.75.

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McCafe premium roast coffee, small: $1.00

Burger King

Smooth roast coffee, small: $1.00

Krispy Kreme

Coffee (smooth, rich, or decaf), small: $1.59

Dunkin' Donuts

Hot coffee, small: $1.59

Tim Hortons

Coffee (original blend, dark roast or decaf): $1.59

Caribou Coffee

Coffee of the day, small: $1.69

Panera Bread

Hot coffee, small: $1.89


Freshly brewed coffee, tall: $1.85

Bruegger's Bagels 

House blend coffee, small: $1.99


This may be a joke since five dollars for a small coffee is pretty high. That's the going rate for a large double shot of espresso mocha latte with extra whip at some places!

It would be interesting to see the limits this café is willing to push when it comes to enforcing manners with their customers. Would they impose a penalty tax on customers who insist on playing Pokemon Go while ordering?

To think, you thought being bribed into politeness was behind you after you became an adult.

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