Snoop Dogg loses 'Celebrity Family Feud' round on marijuana question (Video)

How Snoop Dogg Missed A Family Feud Question On Weed

Oh, Snoop Dogg — that one was a gimme.

The Los Angeles rapper lost a "Celebrity Family Feud" buzzer round to ex-boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. You may be thinking, "So what?"

Well, THE QUESTION WAS ABOUT WEED. It may as well have been about his breakout album "Doggystyle."

Snoop actually did beat Leonard to the buzzer, which Harvey scored a very solid joke over. After clarifying his vague answer for the judges, the emcee — real name is Calvin Broadus — scored on the board, but not as high as the former pugilism champ did immediately after.

Watch the video above.

"Celebrity Family Feud" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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