Man's home mistaken as Pokémon GO gym

Man's Home Mistakenly Set as Pokémon Go Gym

(WGN TV) A man in Massachusetts is making the best of an awkward situation after his house was mistakenly set as a Pokémon GO "Poke Stop."

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Boon Sheridan and his wife live in an old church, and his home was set as a Pokémon GO gym -- that's where players can go to train and learn how to fight Pokémon. Since the app launched, dozens of people at a time have been showing up at his house and milling about, playing the game at all hours of the night.

Sheridan has tried to get the location of the gym changed, but as of now you can only report a "Poke Stop" location if it poses physical danger to the players.

Meanwhile, Sheridan's is documenting the entire situation on his Twitter account @boonerang and he seems to be having fun with it despite the annoyance. He even met the owner of the "gym" in the game.

Until the gym location changed, Sheridan has to deal with all the people and their cars showing up at all hours.

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The Pokémon GO game has exploded since it launched in the past week or so. It has almost as many daily active users as Twitter.

Among players, it's being used for an average of 43 minutes, 23 seconds a day -- that's higher than Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

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