Coco Austin is less than an inch away from a wardrobe malfunction in new pic with her daughter

Coco Austin Almost Has a Wardrobe Malfunction In Sexy Swimsuit

Mommy's first wardrobe malfunction? Coco Austin had a close call while posing with her baby daughter, Chanel, on Saturday.

The reality TV star posted several pics to Instagram of herself in a tiny and incredibly revealing one-piece pink swimsuit, while balancing her 7-month-old little girl on her toned tummy.

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See the racy shot in addition to Coco's previous pictures with her daughter:

Coco Austin Instagrams with daughter Chanel
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Coco Austin Instagrams with daughter Chanel
Behind on posting my pics.... My bestie and did Miami! Matching monokinis and everything! Swimsuits by- @sugardollz
Chanel and I popped in at the People Mag Live studios..You can watch it now online!! Its funny Chanel wanted the boob so bad during the interview it was smack during her usual nap time
My family vacation continues on a yacht is not too shabby.. Chanel is not sure about this wind though Matching swimsuits by- @sugardollz
Beach Kisses to our followers
Ok I have to post 1 more pic.. There's too much cuteness going on with this little girl. I have so much fun with her These bikins wear made by - @fedeswimwear
Teaching @babychanelnicole how to stretch..She thinks its funny & just plays jungle gym on me during our session #yogababy Matching yoga outfits by @fedeswimwear
Happiest baby ever.. @babychanelnicole smiles for no reason #ChanelNicole #hangbythepool
Spent sometime w/ a friend I've known for 17 yrs yesterday. Chanel is really getting the hang of selfies
This will never get old.... I was meant to be a mommy... (Snapchat- cocosworld100)
Midnight swim after all the 4th of July festivities.. Chanel is loving her new float she is wide awake
Chanel and I love rocking our retro backless swimsuits.You automatically feel fabulous! 👙
There's nothing like having a best friend to twin with! Weekend was a blast! Swimsuits by @sugardollz
11 hours in my photoshoot and my little nugget is still smiling..this baby can't get any happier
Snapchat moment.. When your about to leave the house to do errands & everyone falls asleep on you
I'm so fascinated w @babychanelnicole .I always watch her sleep.She snuggles & holds on to every bit of me
Part 2 on E news.... Yes my sex life is a bit more structured now with a baby but I don't mind one bit The babysuit Chanel is wearing is from @the_bikini_shop_co and headband with suit is from @winterscarlett
Waiting to go to the airport🛫
Happy Memorial day!! From Chanel & Coco!! (Snapchat cocosworld100) For matching outfits go to @glamcitydoll
Girls just want to have fun!! ....Or just dress alike Outfits by @glamcitydoll Attention- Sorry everybody, but earlier today the wrong tag to the outfits we're wearing was posted.The correct boutique is 👉 @glamcitydoll
My everything!!
My beach bunny is out! See us on Snapchat (cocosworld100)
Its been a wonderful time is priceless. Who got our mystery destination right!
It doesn't get better than this!
One of those candid moments I thought was too cute to not share.. Me and my mini
1st family vacation for Chanel..Guess where we are?
The pure joys of motherhood..words just don't express
The weeks, People Magazine came out featuring @babychanelnicole ..make sure you cop it! (This pic was taken when Chanel was 3 months she is 5 months now)
I forgot to post this the other day but check out these baby bloomers... I call um baby booty shorts. Too cute,huh?
This happy camper goes everywhere with us...(Behind the scenes of $100,000 Pyramid while Ice plays the game show)
Photoshoot time for my lingerie and of course I got my sidekick with me
My partner in crime... #bikinigirls @babychanelnicole 1st bikini
I love the"fresh hair" feeling! I feel revived when I do my hair once a month. Thx to my girl @cattnu_hair at @blusalon
Finding time for myself has been pretty hard now w/ a baby but I just make it happen with bringing her along pretty much everywhere I go ..thx @blusalon for being so flexible Fyi...Yes, I breastfeed but I got back up in a bottle😏
Chanel & I having fun with the mirror above our bed.. I need one of these at home..LOL #Twinsies
This is how we roll..... This stroller is fab from @babyroues it has so many attachments that I'm not using in this pic ..pair it with some heels and now you're rocking!!!! LOL jumpsuit- @fashionnova
My new obsession. ....
I'm on @Dr_oz today (Feb 19th) with @babychanelnicole ..Tune in at 2pm (est) I show some fitness moves too!! Haha Chanel is looking at him like, "What the hell?"
Head full of fresh highlights thanks to @cattnu_hair at @blusalon Oh and Chanel says what's up! I know girls are gonna ask about my top cuz it never fails ..i got it from @devannaloveboutique
Real life candid pic.. Training and watching my baby simultaneously.. The Coco way. Loving motherhood @waistedbykeke #ad
Boutique shopping for Chanel..she wasn't into it and slept the whole time. At least I had fun!
Getting up at 3am n the morning to travel sucks . so we try to take a nap while dad is filming trying to keep warm from this 6 degrees weather in Chicago Oh and for people that are wondering this little girl has 5 car seats!! Were just snuggling
I love to color coordinate w/ my family its fun!! Watch @InsideEdition tonight. Its the 1st interview I did since the birth of Chanel. Meet her too! Look for local time and listings
I found my calling ......Motherhood!!! Happy New Years everybody!!
My baby's clothes still don't fit her but she still a ball full of cuteness

"Happiest baby ever.. @babychanelnicole smiles for no reason.. lol #ChanelNicole #hangbythepool," Coco captioned the shot.

In the photo, Coco's risque suit is dangerously close to exposing her... err... delicate areas, but she doesn't seem concerned. In fact, the new mom posed for several pics in the daring ensemble.

On baby Chanel's official Instagram account, the little girl is grinning up at her mom with her head resting on Coco's ample bosom.

See more photos of Coco Austin and Ice-T:

Ice-T and Coco through the years
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Ice-T and Coco through the years
Ice-T And Coco hosted and performed at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort on Saturday November 07, 2015 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Ice-T And Coco hosted and performed at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort on Saturday November 07, 2015 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 26: Ice-T and Coco Austin attend the Paley Center for Media's tribute to african-american achievements in television at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on October 26, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 22: Ice-T and Coco attend David Tutera's CELEBrations: Ice-T & Coco's Pre-Birthday Party For Baby Chanel at Cedar Lake Events on October 22, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for WE tv)

"I look up to mama," the caption reads.

I look up to mama...

A post shared by ChanelNicole (@babychanelnicole) on

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The inseparable mother-daughter duo also posed with pal Jessica Kaman for a pic that features Chanel surrounded by cleavage.

"Spent sometime w/ a friend I've known for 17 yrs yesterday. Chanel is really getting the hang of selfies," Coco captioned the photo.

Coco Austin Poses Topless With Baby Chanel

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