Adorable Corgi flies off waterslide, bellyflops into pool

Corgi Flops Into Lake to Fetch Tennis Ball

First there was the famously hilarious "Corgi Flop" -- the video of a corgi that'll have you on the floor laughing as he tries with all his might to leap off a dock to get a tennis ball (but barely clears it by mere inches).

Now there's a new viral gif of a Corgi that'll have you watching it over and over. This time it's an adorable pooch flying off a waterslide and belly flopping into a pool.

The slow motion gif was posted on Reddit, and already has over 2 million views on Imgur.

Wet loaf

The clip shows the cuddly little guy sliding to the opening and then launching himself into the air, legs outstretched in perfect belly flop form with his eyes on the prize -- a tennis ball.

As he splashes down into the pool, the camera goes underwater and you can see the pup paddling his way up to the surface.

The cute Corgi looks like he has a smile on his face the whole time -- the pure embodiment of summer joy. Dare you to try watching it just once!

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Wally the Welsh Corgi
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Wally the Welsh Corgi
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