16 people get real about what it's like to have a summer fling

Brief summer romances have been the topic of books and movies for years -- and there's a reason why. They give us a lot of feelings.

These people took to Whisper app to confess what it's really like to be in one, or recovering from one.

1. It's hard to go back afterwards:

I had a summer fling with this guy and now we

2. Breakups are laced with regret:

I saw an old flame today for the first time since we dated last summer. I missed his smile and his voice. But he has a girlfriend now, and I feel stupid because I broke it off.

3. They're hard to get over, no matter how long they last:

I had a summer fling with a guy from another country. We both knew it was nothing serious but it still upsets me when he posts pictures with other girls....

4. Setting boundaries won't heal your heart:

I just had a summer fling. I knew he only wanted to hook up, but I still fell in love with him.

5. You try to calm your emotions down:


6. The damage can be irreparable:

I had a summer fling with the guy I was crushing on (a close family friend), now he never looks at let alone talks to me

7. Flings can be long-awaited:

I finally had a summer fling with my four-year crush, but he

8. Sometimes they happen even when you know better:

I had a summer fling this year. I knew he just wanted to hook up, but I was madly in love with him the whole time.

9. The physical relationships can be a betrayal:


10. End dates can be devastating:


11. Big dreams are often involved:

I know I

12. It's hard to get your heart to cooperate:

Told my heart it was a summer fling.... but it didn

13. Emotions are still totally real:


14. They don't always fade with time:

My summer love and I don

15. They can damage other relationships:

I fell in love with my summer romance and it

16. Flings can be so much more than that:

I still think about my summer love from years ago, often.

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