Drone travel taxi able to fly humans through the air readies for launch

Human 'drone taxi' Ehang will test-fly in Nevada

Many have no doubt wished they could soar over traffic instead of being stuck in it, and a drone slated to begin testing soon could make that fantasy a reality.

The incredible flying machine is called the Airvinci and is being developed by Tarek Ibrahim and his team.

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Powered by a ducted fan, the aircraft can take off and land vertically.

It is also designed to haul loads weighing hundreds of pounds, which makes the drone capable of carrying a compartment large enough to accommodate a human.

Throughout the development of the personal transportation option, one of the goals has been to keep the Airvinci's price around that of a car.

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According to the project manager, the prototype is almost ready and test flights will begin this summer.

The team believes Airvinci could be available by 2017.

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