Cold Stone Creamery makes summer better with new sugar cookie shake

Cold Stone Creamery Makes Summer Better With New Sugar Cookie Shake

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream on a hot day!

Cold Stone Creamery just made this sunny season a whole lot sweeter with the launch of their new Shake It, Cookie Shake.

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The ice cream giant has introduced the perfect blend of Cold Stone's signature Sugar Cookie Batter Ice Cream, whole milk and rainbow sprinkles, all topped with yellow cake, whipped topping, caramel and sugar cookie dough. It's a dessert made for the Sugar Cookie Gods!

(Photo courtesy of Cold Stone Creamery)

So what exactly is it with Americans and their love of sugar cookies?

Sugar cookies date back to the the mid-1700s, among Protestant settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The traditional sugar cookie had just six ingredients: baking powder, butter, eggs, flour, sugar and vanilla.

Early versions of the sugar cookie were often a cross between the modern-day bagel and a cookie. They were drier, which made them last longer before the invention of the refrigerator.

Or perhaps we can blame the Girls Scouts for our obsession. The simple sugar cookie was the first true Girl Scout Cookie back in 1922.

Wherever the obsession with sugar cookies originated from, we're just glad Cold Stone Creamery is satisfying this nationwide craving!

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