How to dress up and dress down your dungarees

Dungarees have been a mainstay item in my wardrobe since my Mum convinced me on a pair of cotton Forever 21 overalls a couple of years ago. Since that first purchase I have added a pair of black denim dungarees to my wardrobe, and most recently a pair of perfectly slouchy blue denim dungarees from La Redoute.

Of all the things in my wardrobe, dungarees are one of the most polarising. Some people love them, including me, others would like to tentatively dip their toe in with them, and others are convinced they are not for them.

So today guys, simply, I am sharing how to dress up and dress down dungarees. These are two ways of wearing our all-in-one (maybe) friends which I use often. I hope that today's guide will help you shape your dungaree usage if you're already on board, or inspire you to perhaps give them a go if you are new to the party!

Dungarees are my ultimate lazy day outfit of choice. They're cosy, flattering (promise) and hit that sweet spot between something cool enough to feel like you're making an effort, and comfortable enough to slip on, even on a day when going to Tesco's feels like an adventure.

In terms of dressing down dungarees I most often go for a T shirt and flats. Flats can come in the guise of a cute pointed pump – as is the case with these could-be-designer lace up pumps – or trainers. Just be sure to show a little ankle.

This is the first body I have worn since I was a waitress (they don't ride up when you're serving = god-send) and it's like returning to an old friend. A body is so satisfyingly secure – great with dungarees and even better with skirts.

In terms of T shirts, J.Crew and American Vintage produce my very favourites. The cuts are flattering, the cottons wash really well and they come in a rainbow of colour-ways.

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