Grateful elk gives firefighters kisses

Kind-Hearted Elk Kisses Firefighters To Say Thanks For Putting Out Wildfire

A very affectionate elk named Buttons wanted to show some heroic firefighters how grateful she was for their hard work.

Buttons just couldn't resist giving members of the Kittitas County Fire District No. 7 in Washington state some smooches after they worked tirelessly to put out a hillside blaze on July 2.

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The sweet photos of Buttons' special moment with first responders have gone viral, racking up over 6,600 shares on Facebook.

The loving animal was reportedly orphaned in the area as a baby and bonded with the cows, horses and goats at a nearby ranch.

"She isn't your typical wild elk," Kittitas County Fire District spokeswoman Richelle Risdon explained to ABC News."

"She wants nothing to do with elk moving through the area, like she doesn't see herself as an elk."

The firefighters saved at least 3 homes in the area that day by putting out the wildfire. They reported that Buttons walked up to their command post and started nuzzling about 10 people.

"She wandered in and made herself at home. She doesn't leave you alone either. She's pretty insistent that she wants to be part of the group," Risdon said.

It's important to remember you should never attempt to pet a wild elk, but Risdon told she captured the photos to make the public aware that the friendly animal is living in the area.

"That way, hunters will know to stay away from her," she said.

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