Fawn euthanized after well-intentioned people plucked it from Colorado forest

Fawn Euthanized After Well-Intentioned People Plucked It From Colorado Forest

Wildlife authorities in Durango, Colorado recently made the tough decision to euthanize a fawn after it had been plucked from its forest home, notes KUSA.

KKTV is reporting that while the officials believe the people who loaded the baby deer into a car and drove it 30 miles to an animal shelter had good intentions, they stress the act was the wrong thing to do.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife public information officer Joe Lewandowski said, "We didn't have a name of the people, they didn't have a location of where the animal was found. So we really couldn't take it back."

As the fawn's chances of surviving on its own were rather minimal, putting it down was considered the most humane option, according to ABC News.

Authorities are urging people to refrain from touching animals they encounter in the wild.

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