14 honest confessions from lifeguards

Being a lifeguard can seem like the perfect summer job, but when you have to sit out in the sun all day, you start thinking about a lot of things.

These lifeguards came clean on Whisper about what runs through their minds all day:

1. Sometimes you judge people for what they wear:


2. People watching can be a real perk:

I love working as a lifeguard. I get to see people do weird stuff and hot guys shirtless on a daily basis ������

3. It's way more stressful than you think:

As a lifeguard I hate when people say it

4. They're not all blameless:

I work as a lifeguard at the city pool, and yeah, we check you out

5. Some tend to slack on the job:


6. They don't always appreciate your games:


7. They're not always working hard:


8. Sometimes they wish for terrible things:


9. They don't get what they deserve:


10. You have to help them out sometimes:


11. They get offended when you think their job is easy:

I hate it when I tell people I

12. It can take a physical toll:

I hate being a lifeguard. I get one break for 12 hours of standing and walking. I don

13. When you watch people all day, you really start to see things:

Being a lifeguard teaches me that parents don

Rushing back to his post

I love being a lifeguard simply for the sex appeal lol

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