Weeks after a girl went missing from a family campsite, a shocking development has occurred

A New York Woman Has Returned Home After Going Missing Weeks Ago

Rachael Mattice, 24, was reported missing from a family campsite on Algonquin Lake on June 22.

According to reports, Mattice, of Wells, N.Y., was found alive five days later, about 50 miles from where she planned on going.

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Rachael's friend Cynthia Nellis wrote a Facebook post regarding her disappearance.

Sheriff Karl Abrams with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office issued a statement that said, "In the early morning hours Rachael Lynn Mattice returned to her Johnstown address after being gone for approximately 2 weeks. She is currently being medically evaluated at a local hospital. She appears to be in good condition."

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According to Missing Persons of America, Mattice was found near her mother's home in Johnstown.

After her parent's didn't hear from Rachel, her father went to the camp and found her car but not his daughter.

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Sheriff Karl Abrams told WRGB that Rachael is doing fine but at the moment can't say why she went missing in the first place.

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