'The Runner' recap: Day 6 -- the Runner gets caught!

06 July - Ep. 3

Day 6 was a don't-miss day of action on "The Runner"! After numerous close calls and a wrong decision that destroyed her game, the first Runner was captured by the Brogrammers in Detroit.

The day's first episode began with a fiercely close race to Cleveland between the Runner and the Brogrammers, who were hot on her tail as she made her way to a giant ship to accomplish her task. Though they narrowly missed her before she jumped off of the boat they were still incredibly close to capturing her before the Chaser teams reunited for their challenge:

06 July - Ep. 1

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The second episode of day 6 caught back up with the Chasers and their loyal fans on social media as they began their move from Cleveland to Detroit, still hot on the heels of the Runner.

Watch the day's second show below for updates from each of the Chaser teams:

6 July - Ep 2

The third episode of day 6 brought about the most nail-biting action yet as the Runner was finally caught! After taking the wrong exit off of the highway on the way to Detroit, the Runner left time for the Chasers to beat her to the checkpoint, where a few teams were waiting for her to arrive. When she arrived in an Uber, though, it was the Brogrammers that caught on to her ploy and captured the $90,000+ bounty on her head.

Watch the third episode at the top of the page.

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