Summer bucket list: 100 things to do this summer

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Looking for some fun activities for the kids this summer? I don't know about you, but we are always looking for something fun for the kids to do in the summer. I try to keep the kids off of the electronics and outside as much as possible. Sometimes that can be hard. So it's fun to come up with a list of activities the kids can do to keep them from feeling "bored." Here are some fun ideas for your Summer Bucket List...100 Things to Do in Summer!

I have made it so that you can print this list and add it to your refrigerator or somewhere the kids can see it and be inspired by lots of different ways to enjoy their summer days. Sometimes all kids need is a little bit of inspiration to get some fun ideas of what to do with their summer days! If you already have your own list of ideas, you can print out the blank Summer Bucket List and write in all your Summer Bucket list items...or use a combination of the two!! Once you start coming up with ideas, you will be amazed at all the creative ways there is to have a fun filled summer...most of them really easy and FREE!!

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