Mysterious booms in Southern California baffle scientists and residents

Mystery Booms In Southern California Baffle Scientists and Residents

Susan Saunders has heard strange explosions near her Alhambra home in California, day and night, since February.

Saunders has continued hearing the loud noises and when her neighbors began to hear them too, the police were called.

The police have received 114 calls about the strange booms since mid February but little has been done to solve the mystery.

There is also no big construction projects in the area.

Even Caltech seismologists don't have an answer for the sounds. Jennifer Andrews, a seismologist at Caltech said "There's nothing seismic that I can see. What the phenomenon might be, I don't know."

A seismograph will pick up waves of pressure from thunder or a helicopter so an explantation for the Alhambra explosions is truly baffling.

The booming mystery has even become a big social event with residents texting each other or posting on Facebook when the sounds are heard.

Residents and Scientists both wondering how long this will all remain a mystery.

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