Hilarious video shows owner giving dog the ultimate massage

Dog Receives Professional Massage from Cat

This is no ordinary doggie belly rub.

A video posted on YouTube shows a pooch named Toto getting the ultimate massage -- and he's absolutely loving it.

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Toto's owner must know some special massage moves because he's not just giving Toto a nice back scratch, he's doing full-on facial rubbing, leg-stretching and nose tapping.

The incredibly relaxed pup is on his back, laying in his owner's lap. His human then runs his fingers up and down his snout and around his ears while Toto lays there with his eyes closed in complete bliss.

The owner then massages Toto's shoulders, stretches out his legs, strokes his wrinkly face and finishes off with some light pulsing thumps on the top of his head.

It's almost relaxing just watching the video -- but man, wouldn't that be nice to have in person on a regular basis!

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