Emotional kangaroo orphan clings to his rescuer

Emotional Kangaroo Orphan Clings To His Rescuer

A kangaroo loves his rescuer so much, he refused to let him go!

The little kangaroo's name is Little Johanssen. He's an orphan who lives at the kangaroo sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia.

His rescuer, Chris Barns, is better known as "Brolga," and one thing's for sure: Johanssen and Brolga are inseparable.

Little Johanssen clings to Brolga whenever he sees him, and brolga has the video to prove it.

"I promise. I'm coming back," he can be heard repeating to no avail.

Eventually, he breaks free from the adorable little creature, but even then, Little Johanssen follows closely behind.

Brolga says the little 'roo never wants him to go, writing, "So I make sure he always gets lots of cuddles."

And let's be clear: there's nothing more adorable than a kangaroo cuddling with his best pal.

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