7 easy steps for brighter eyes

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Brighter eyes in 7 easy steps
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Brighter eyes in 7 easy steps
1. Shrink Under-Eye Baggage
If the area around your eyes is swollen, your eyes will actually appear smaller. Use a cold compress to diminish puffiness. Cucumber slices or a gel-mask will both do the trick, but chilled spoons are super-effective and, for most people, more readily available. Press the icy utensils gently against your eye sockets for instant results. Then, use an eye cream to rehydrate the area.
2.  Conceal Dark Circles
Dark colors around your eyes will also make your peepers appear smaller. Even out your complexion by touching up any dark spots and under-eye circles with concealer. Make sure to blend well with your long-wear foundation for an allover dewy glow.
3.  Curl Your Lashes
Perfectly curled and lacquered lashes will have an eye-opening effect. To give your fringe an extra boost, try coating your lashes with a volumizing primer before applying your regular mascara to add extra length and drama.
4. Add Subtle Sparkle
Use your ring finger to dab light-colored shimmery eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes -- right at your tear ducts. The glittery specks reflect light to make your eyes look more open. Don’t forget to blend the lighter shadow edges out and across your upper and lower lash lines.
5. Line Your Eyes
For the makeup novice, a beige-colored eyeliner on the lower waterlines will give the eyes a more open look. Or, if you're a more seasoned makeup master, you can’t go wrong with cat-eye liner for an opening, lifting effect.
6. Build Up Your Brows
Well-defined arches will help make your face look more symmetrical and, more important, will boost the impact of your eye makeup. What’s the point in doing all the dark-circle concealing, under-eye-bag shrinking and lash curling if you’re not going to show it off?
7. Choose a High Hairstyle
Try a natural face-lift by pulling your strands up! We recommend a high ponytail or a polished ballerina bun. Finish the look by banishing flyaways with a spritz of hairspray.

Regardless of whether you're cramming for a test, out partying or binge-watching reality TV, one thing is for certain: The effects of a sleepless night will be evident the next morning. So how do you fake a full night's sleep? Psst ... it's all in the eyes!

To address everything from bags to dark circles, we've got the makeup and skincare steps you should take to avoid hearing those three dreaded words: "You look tired!" Above, check out seven of the easiest and most effective eye-opening tricks.

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