16 confessions about skin cancer that will make you realize how serious it is

Though skin cancer is not often deadly, it's still an extremely serious. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime according to the CDC.

People struggling with skin cancer opened up about their secret fears and how they cope on Whisper.

1. It's not easy to admit:

I just found out I have skin cancer. I don

2. Tanning seems like a devastating choice:

I have melanoma. Spending so much time in tanning beds wasn

3. You should never judge someone's appearance:

I get made fun of because I

4. It can be both scary and annoying:

I have skin cancer again... It

5. Surviving skin cancer is not always a story you want to tell:

When people ask about my skin cancer scar, I tell them I survived a bear attack while backpacking through Alaska.

6. Sometimes you face life-changing decisions:

I just got diagnosed with skin cancer. I have no idea how to tell my parents and friends.

7. Often, there's just nothing you can do to stop it:


8. You can get it even when you are fighting against it:

I just found out I have skin cancer. The question is how? I never go in the sun and I don

9. People will develop their own offensive opinions no matter what happens:

I have skin cancer and I

10. Your confidence can take a serious hit:

I had my skin cancer removed.. My confidence has dropped excessively

11. Even though it's not the scariest, it's still terrifying:

Today I found out I have skin cancer. Not as scary as any other I know but the c word made me cry.

12. Old habits are hard to get rid of:

I still tan after being diagnosed with skin cancer because it

13. It can be hard to detect:

I was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26, nobody thought it was cancer, it has been there for 5 years!!

14. And even harder to conquer:

I was diagnosed with skin cancer almost 5 years ago and I

15. You learn new ways to hide it:

Tattoos tell stories. Don

16. And you never know how you might find it:

I caught my melanoma early enough to only need surgery because of Grey

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