YouTuber Meg DeAngelis opens up about her musical ambitions

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If you know know Meg DeAngelis, then you probably know her as MayBaby, a YouTube personality with more nearly 6 million subscribers. You've probably laughed to one of her many hilarious sketches and are used to her bright clothing and even brighter personality gracing your screens.

You might not initially think of her as a singer or musician, but you may soon. DeAngelis somewhat hidden talent for singing and passion for music is quietly becoming more and more prominent on her channel. It's a passion she's had forever, but only now is investing her time in. The potential and passion are both prominent and the fan base is ready.

DeAngelis actually performed some songs at VidCon in Anaheim, California this past month. VidCon is an annual convention that celebrates famous video creators and the fanbase that catapulted them to success. had a chance to chat with MayBaby about how she climbed up the YouTube ladder and her plans for new music in her career.

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How did you first get involved with social media?
First was YouTube. I started posting videos when I was 13 or 14 of cheerleading and tumbling videos and people started asking more about my life and stuff instead of just the videos. That got me into the vlogging part of YouTube and I just kind of kept it up and kept doing whatever kinds of videos I was interested in. I kind of just grew my channel from there.

What's your focus now? What videos are you into making?
I do a lot of sketch-style videos with vlogs, so it's just like talking about a scenario and then showing bits of it. I wouldn't call it "comedy" because I don't think it's comedy. I think it's more fun and relatable stuff to watch that I think people would enjoy. I'm also trying to do more singing videos. I don't know if I will do too many on my main channel anytime soon, but I've been working on a lot of music and that's been really fun for me. That's kind of like my summer project.

Check out the scene from VidCon:

Do you have a certain genre of music you like to do?
For covering songs, I think it's great to do things on your own. I don't like to have a background track if I don't need to. If I have to play guitar or I have to have someone else play it, it's always great for a pop song or an Adele song. But as far as my music taste and the music I want to make, I really like electronic music. I like, kind of, chiller trap music. I recently got a few new pieces of equipment and musical instruments and I have this room that I want to make my music room. So, right now, the room has a few pieces but I want to add a DJ pad and build that room out. Because even if I don't end up putting that music out, I could have so much fun every day for hours just doing that.

What upcoming projects are you most excited for?
Let's see...well, we are going to be filming the fourth season of "Royal Crush" in August, so I'm always going to be excited for that because it's one of the things I started with. And then,obviously for summer, I'm just excited to do more music. I've always played around with it in the middle of the night and I would always feel guilty if I would try to practice it during the day because I always felt like I should be working on stuff. But recently, I've been like, 'You know what? I really like this so I'm going to set aside some time to do this.' So, that's what I'm most excited for because I've dedicated most of the summer to that.

See more of the action from VidCon in the gallery below:​​​

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