Vine sensation Christian Delgrosso dishes on his new movie "Mono"

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Fans of Christian Delgrosso may know him best for his hysterical six-second videos on Vine, but the young, viral star is quick to note that he's always been a dramatic actor first and foremost. Delgrosso trained in Toronto for two years in dramatic acting before he stumbled upon the creator app. By the time he published his third Vine, Delgrosso was already considered a viral star and since then, he's amassed over 7.6 million followers on the platform alone.

He's seen incredible success on Vine as well as other social media platforms like and YouTube. But now he's ready to go back to his roots as a traditional film and television actor and show the internet that he can hold his own against some of Hollywood's biggest names. His latest project "Mono" follows an mono virus outbreak at Highland Park High school. As a result, the popular kids are gone for two months, allowing the outcasts to rule the school. "Mono" is just one of many film projects that will showcase Delgrosso in a completely new light. Fans, get ready for a Christian Delgrosso like you've never seen before.

We recently sat down with the viral creator at this year's VidCon to talk about his newest film, what acting projects he has on the horizon, and more!


What brings you to VidCon this year?
This is my first time at VidCon. I'm here to promote my film "Mono" that's coming out!

What was it like to work on "Mono" and what were your favorite moments?
It was such a good experience for me being on set. It's therapeutic for me and I feel like that's where I excel the most as a creator. All the cast members were unbelievable to work with. Some of the more fun scenes that we worked on were definitely the party scenes, and they felt authentic and real. We were actually partying while shooting so that was pretty fun. It never felt like work.

What's your favorite thing about Vine or social media in general?
Being able to have a voice and be in full control creatively and politically if you will, is amazing. I see social media for me as a personality platform where you can showcase yourself.

What goes into creating your videos?
It's so frustrating sometimes because the videos can take up to a couple hours to shoot. And sometimes it's only like 20 minutes based on the shots we're getting. They're essentially mini films; we have to work on lighting, location, creating atmosphere. There's a lot that goes into it.

What has been your favorite project you've ever worked on?
Honestly, "Mono" has to be so far the best project I've worked on. I worked on a few other films that are coming out soon, but "Mono" was the most fun. It was organic and everyone on set were all amazing.

What was it like preparing for your role in "Mono?"
My character's name was Bucky, which says a lot. He's a popular kid where it's hard to hate him because he's so nice, but you look at how popular he is and it makes you kind of mad. In preparation, it was a pretty standard role and related a lot to how I was in high school. Personality-wise, it was very similar to me since I was very outgoing and nice to everyone.

Do you see yourself acting more in the future?
I was training traditionally before social media for two and half years in Toronto. It was something I always wanted to do and then I jumped on Vine when it came out. And my third Vine went viral. Social media has been a big part of who I am today, but I'm an actor first and foremost. So training for that two and a half years, I did no comedy. Everything I did was drama. My favorite movie is "The Notebook" and not because it's romantic, but because the commitment that went into that project and how realistic everything was made that film what it is. I think art is all about losing yourself. So I hope to really continue on with more dramatic projects.

What advice do you have for others hoping to break it in either acting or social media?
Do not do it for the fame and money. There's always ulterior motives and those are the big ones. But when I see people joining in social media who are not growing that fast and complaining about their growth, I see that they're not passionate about it. If you're passionate about something, all that other stuff will follow. Consistently and passion is key.

Who would be your dream collaboration for a Vine or acting project?
Jim Carey and Will Ferrell for sure. Those guys are such a huge inspiration for me and they're the reason why I started doing this in the first place. And Daniel Day Lewis, Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Gosling as well.

What other upcoming projects are you excited about?
I did another film called "School Spirits" that's in post-production right now. And another film called "Internet Famous" that just came out.

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