TV reporter fired after she's pictured being carried over floodwaters to keep shoes clean

TV Reporter Fired After Being Carried Over Floodwaters to Keep Shoes Clean

When covering a story, it's a good idea not to become the story.

Mexican television reporter Lydia Cumming was dispatched last week to cover heavy flooding in the central city of Puebla.

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The 24-year-old journalist interviewed two residents about how the natural disaster had affected an elderly neighbor.

Then the man and woman carried her through floodwaters to the woman's house so she wouldn't get her shoes wet.

Someone snapped a photo, posted it to Cumming's Facebook page, and then it became a meme sensation. It also got Cumming fired.

Under the hashtag #Lady Reportera, Cumming being carried showed up on the moon and astride a very small pony.

Best reactions to "Lady Reportera":

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Somebody give #LadyReportera a Pulitzer 😭
How a Mexican reporter covering a flood in Puebla became a hilarious meme #LadyReportera
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* Small step for man, giant leap for #LadyReportera *
Con Netflix | Con Blim #LadyReportera

Her boss didn't think it was funny. On Twitter, he posted, "She was fired yesterday. I'm sorry for what happened. Her attitude is regrettable and for this, we sacked her.

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Cumming posted an apology, saying "I admit my mistakes. The photos show a lack of professionalism and tact."

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