OnlyOnAOL: Gina Rodriguez's inspiring Clinique video is everything

Yael Grobglas On "Jane The Virgin"By: Donna Freydkin

Gina Rodriguez, the star of "Jane the Virgin," got married in the season finale.

In real life, the actress and Emmy winner is big on dreaming. Just follow her Twitter feed, in which she gives advice to fans. But she's not done. Not by a long shot. (Watch our interview with Jane's nemesis Petra, played by Yael Grobglas, above).

The CW Network's 2016 New York UpfrontThe actress is one of six influencers tapped by Clinique to inspire women to change the world, in a video the brand created. We defy you to not be touched by it. It's part of the brand's Difference Maker campaign.

Rodriguez' mission: education for everyone.

Other notables:

  • Erendira Ibarra, a Mexican philanthropist, businesswoman, and actress, featured in the Netflix original series "Sense 8." Her mission: refining the word justice to mean love.
  • Victoria Pendleton, a former Olympian, European and Commonwealth champion from England. Her mission: to inspire young women to never limit themselves, and help provide them with more opportunity.
  • Jessica Nkosi, a South African model and actress, featured in the TV show, "Isibaya." Her mission: to fight for future generations by providing care and support for children today, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Nazan Eckes, a TV host and author based in Germany. Her mission: to raise awareness of the importance of literacy development.
  • Ning Chang, a German born, Taiwanese, award-winning actress. Her mission: to inspire healthy lifestyle as a way to improve quality of life therefore inspiring happiness.
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