You can now apply to be a hedgehog officer

You Can Apply to Be a Hedgehog Officer
You Can Apply to Be a Hedgehog Officer

You can now apply for one of the best jobs ever, hedgehog officer!

That's right, you can get paid to hang out with tons of adorable hedgehogs.

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The Suffolk Wildlife Trust is looking to hire someone to be the face of hedgehog conservation in Ipswich, England.

Ipswich is known as a hedgehog hotspot, but he population has decreased 30% in 10 years.

The job pays $31,800 a year for a minimum of two years and includes a wide array of important duties.

The hedgehog officer will be in charge of the creation of "hedgehog streets" that the animals will be able to use to easily and efficiently travel from garden to garden in order to establish a network of feeding, nesting, and hibernating across the town.

The hedgehog officer will also need to lead events and campaigns to help raise awareness about hedgehog population protection.

But don't update your resume just yet. Thinking hedgehogs are super cute won't be enough to land you the job.

You'll need to be extensively experienced in ecological surveying and conservation activities.

For everyone else, you can still help out the hedgehogs by donating to Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

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