Viral baker Rosanna Pansino explains why #GirlLove is the best love

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Even the best viral YouTubers can feel the brunt of online hate. But in an effort to curb that, some of the internet's biggest creators, including Rosanna Pansino, have encouraged what they call #GirlLove, or a way for women to support other women in the social space. Since starting her career, Pansino has gained over 6 million YouTube subscribers and has amassed over 1 billion video views on the platform alone. And she's using that huge fan base to help promote #GirlLove as a way for women to feel inspired by their friends' successes and not feel jealous or less than.

Recently, Pansino took to VidCon to do a panel about #GirlLove and spoke alongside some of her best friends in the social media space. On the heels of her talk, we caught up with the incredible internet personality to talk about the movement, how she first discovered her love of baking, and more!


What brings you to VidCon and what are you most excited for this year?
Fans, community, and my girl squad!

Is there anyone in particular you're excited to see?
I really enjoy doing fan meet ups. I love meeting viewers! And on the first day of VidCon I got to do my very first panel with my girlfriends in real life. We are friends online and offline. I guess, we've turned into the lady squad or friend squad, and that was really cool. We did a panel about #GirlLove. It's a movement that my good friend Lilly Singh started about spreading positivity. We all talked about how we became friends and why women supporting other women is important to us and why it's one of our values. The main thought behind #GirlLove that either gender can tap into and appreciate is that being happy for other people's success. For example, if my best friend gets a great opportunity, it's the idea that you should feel inspired by that and inspired to work harder or push yourself verses feeling negative or bad that you didn't get that opportunity for yourself. It's about positivity among girlfriends and genuinely feeling happy and inspired by their achievements.

What is your favorite thing about YouTube?
Oh gosh, it's hard to pick just one thing. I love that I have creative freedom to make any type of content that I'm passionate about. I love that I get to collaborate with my friends and I love my community. Seriously, they're the sweetest most supportive people I've ever met in my entire life.

How did you first become involved with baking in general?
I started baking at a very young age. My grandma taught me how to bake; she was a big baker. It was one of her favorite hobbies and it became one of mine too, because there's so much nostalgia with cooking with her in the kitchen. It just stayed with me when I grew up. I think I was four at the time when I started. It continued on for the rest of my life. If a friend of mine had a birthday party, I'd always make a themed cake or cupcakes for them. Growing up I didn't have a lot of money so I had a really humble upbringing and the way I could give someone a gift that was thoughtful and practical was giving food. In my family that was a tradition that was prevalent because we didn't have spare income to buy toys or fancy gifts. We expressed love through food. That's where that passion started and then it translated into videos. When I first started making videos online I did it to get more comfortable in front of the camera and for it to be an outlet for my creativity. I made a lot of vlogs and I made a baking tutorial just for fun. My first video wasn't the best -- but it was the first time that the online community said that I needed to do this. And that I needed to make more videos. The feedback has always been positive, but it was the first time I got such an overwhelming response. A geeky baking show did not exist on television or online. There was a few random singular blog posting but there was no show. I thought it was a great idea, so that's how "Nerdy Nummies" was born.

What has been your favorite video you've created so far?
That's a really hard question. I would say one of my favorite memories is the video I did with my dad. We made frozen ice cream treats together and the reason that memory is so special to me is because I got to bring him into my world and he got a better understanding of what I do with my life. I think for older generations that did not grow up on computers -- especially social media platforms -- is tough to grasp the idea of creating online content. He got to see the process and he got this deeper understanding of my work. I'm really close with my family and that was an area where he didn't really understand, and through that process we were much more on the same page. That was a good one. But we've had so many cool guests on, like my favorite astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Muppets came on too and I got to cook with The Swedish Chef and Miss Piggy. So it's hard to pick a favorite.

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