The 10 traits that define incredibly high earners

Chris Matyszczyk
Traits All Millionaires Have in Common
Traits All Millionaires Have in Common

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

We look at them.

We look up to them.

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We want to know what they have and we don't.

Besides money, that is.

What is it about those who earn a fortune that seems to elude us?

Thankfully, very clever people think about this and produce lists describing every element of the rich person's psyche.

Here, then, are the ten traits that distinguish the rich from everyone else, as told to the Daily Mail. This comes courtesy of Lynn Anderton of, which appears to be a place where you can sit on your sofa and learn how to get rich.

I suppose that's like going from couch potato to couch Dauphinoise.

1. Forethought.

Apparently, these wealthy types plan ahead. Who knows, perhaps they already know they're going to be rich and getting there feels like just going through the motions. Mind you, how on earth can you look at this current world and successfully see its future and yours in it? Unless you see it as the last scenes of a very bad sci-fi movie.

2. Perfectionism.

Well, of course. Every time I look at Justin Bieber I say to myself: "There goes a perfectionist." Here's the part I don't understand about perfectionism: how do you know when things are perfect? Don't you have to have perfect judgment about what is perfect? And who ever has perfect judgment?

3. Passion.

Oh, Lordy. This one again. Apparently, the successful are those who truly love what they do. Please, then, view this video featuring TV star Mike Rowe. He says that following your passion is likely a terrible thing to do. You should look not to follow your passion, but to see where the opportunities are. Perhaps that takes a little forethought, though.

4. Consistency.

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When I look at Johnny Depp, I say to myself: "There's a guy who always makes great movies." And then I remember Mortdecai. But according to this expert, the rich rarely have an off day and if they do, they don't show it. Have you ever noticed Mark Zuckerberg have an off day? Me neither. He always seems just his same passionate, perfectionist, emotive self.

5. Reliability.

And there was I thinking that at least some rich people are vain, inconsistent, mercurial sorts. But, no. Apparently they're remarkably reliable. Except, I suppose, when they're not.

6. Motivation.

The little engine that always can is permanently humming inside those who strike it rich. "It helps to maintain a level of self-confidence even when things aren't going well," Anderton told the Daily Mail. The only problem with motivation may lie in what's behind it. Some people are motivated by fear. Even when they succeed, it's never enough. Will they ever be happy? Who cares? Look at all the money they have.

7. Balanced Thinking.

Who on earth can define what balance is? For some, balance means ensuring that the weekend is a time when they can switch off from work and be human. For the slightly more obsessed (which doesn't mean more effective), balance can mean getting hitting copious bottles of refined ouzo -- just to forget for a couple of hours.

8. Clear Communication.

I've heard this described as "excellent BS." Anderton believes, however, that the main benefit of clear communication is saving time. If you can be clear about what you're trying to do, you can have more time to do it. Or more time to slurp the refined ouzo, of course.

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9. Self-Control.

This is obviously a trait that you associate with many icons of entrepreneurship. Steve Jobs and Donald Trump, for example. Then there was Walt Disney. Legend has it that he created Mickey Mouse in a rage. Of course there are times when self-control is very helpful. Indeed, those who machinate in large corporations need that self-control in order to destroy those who stand in the way of their executive vice-presidential dreams. Sometimes, though, the rich seem to have, oh, sheer bloody mindedness and damn everyone.

10. Bloody-Mindedness.

Ah. There it is. Anderton admits that this might have deleterious consequences as well as glorious ones. But there's a certain something that makes you keep going, something that drives you to mortgage yourself past the roof, empty your bank accounts and boost the balances on your 13 credit cards beyond their limits. And then your blood feels like it's invaded your mind.

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