Stephen Curry surprises young group of Warriors fans (Video)

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Without Kevin Durant, What Does OKC Do About Russell Westbrook?

Stephen Curry may have failed to lead his team to a second consecutive championship, but he is still beloved in the Bay Area. The young kids who have grown up watching Curry's Golden State Warriors idolize him like people used to idolize Michael Jordan. When Curry shows up unannounced at anybody's doorstep, it's cause for a surprise, but younger children are involved, the reactions are a lot more animated.

Curry showed up to a kid's doorstep pretending to sell Girl Scout Cookies. His voice should've been a dead giveaway, and — with apologies to Girl Scout Cookies — that's probably why the kid opened the door. But once the kid realized it was Curry, he fainted in disbelief, and his friends had the same awestruck look on their faces:

Seeing as how the Warriors posted this video after Kevin Durant signed with them, it would've been even more of a shock if both Curry and Durant showed up on this kid's doorstep. It certainly would've been a better way for Durant to announce his move than an article in The Players' Tribune. But as long as his message was delivered effectively, it doesn't really matter.

Having won a championship and back-to-back MVPs, it's not a surprise to see people get so excited around Curry. Now Durant is hoping to bring that same sort of joy to kids' faces when he starts playing for the Warriors next season.

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