State found with the happiest mugshots

State Found with Happiest Mugshots
State Found with Happiest Mugshots

Posing for a mugshot must be awkward. People are conditioned to smile when in front of a camera, but chances are if you're getting your mugshot taken, it's nothing to grin about.

That doesn't stop everyone though. You're most likely familiar with the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot where the musician is showing off his pearly whites.

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A Los Angeles-based defense lawyer firm analyzed 30,000 mugshots from around the country to find which state has the most people smiling.

According to Aizman Law Firm, the top three states include North Carolina, Nevada, and Indiana respectively.

On the frownier end of the spectrum, the most visibly sad mugshots were taken in Idaho, Montana, and West Virginia.

California was observed as the state where people seem to be the most disgusted by their arrest. In Hawaii, the people being booked were the most camera shy, being visibly reluctant.

In New Jersey, people seem to have the most contempt for their arrests.

The law firm found overall, happiness was the emotion people displayed most often in mugshots.

This is a pretty surprising finding considering crime can lead to jail and fines, and those don't seem like a whole lot to laugh about.

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